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Yes, your Apple is vulnerable to viruses

Apple users tend to feel safer than Windows users because they believe the product is inherently immune to viruses, malware, and ransomware, except it isn't. They have definitely not been plagued by the number of threats that Windows devices are, however running your MacBook with no protection is a little like leaving your doors...
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Have you been Pwned???

pwnedThe nasty people are sending lots of joy to email boxes far and wide these days making all sorts of claims of having compromising pictures of nice people purportedly viewing bad BAD things on the Internet, then demand payment, often in bitcoin. What makes these...
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KRACK vulnerability and Fear

How Serious is the KRACK Vulnerability?  Serious enough that I'm glad to be hard wired into my router here at work. If you want to read up about this latest security risk, go here:, or check out my latest post on our facebook page.  But what I want to talk about is all of...
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Innovative Technology – Mind Blown!

Yep, It's true...I'm a nerd.  I love innovative use of technology.  When some brilliant fellow-geek comes up with something so basic yet potentially game changing - I'm in awe.  So you gotta check out Bare Conductive at If you are on FB, check this video out -  This is like electrical Lego -...
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