Merry Sysmas and Happy Festivus!

Wishing all of our friends, customers, customers who have become friends, friends who have become customers, suppliers, delivery people, business colleagues and everyone else all the very best of the holiday season.  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyeux Noel, Peace on Earth and all the best from our family to yours in 2016.  We are taking...
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Shift that Shutdown

Hello My Digital Darlings: Are you frustrated with weird and not-so-wonderful behaviour with your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 devices?  If you are getting odd or slow behaviour, USB ports not functioning, messages about Group Policy or other Services not starting, do the Digital Diva a favour before you call me, and do a "FULL" or...
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Frustration Free Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th!  Seems like a good day to talk about fear and frustration in relationship to your technology.  I had a customer this week that brought a laptop in to have the hard drive replaced and Windows reloaded.  Now, we do a lot to anticipate and assist our customers in getting back up...
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