The Computer Store - Services

  • Easy Service for all of your technology – and we will come right to your home or office to take care of all of your needs.   Connecting new equipment, setting up a wireless router, installing wifi printers – we can do all of that for you in your location as well as system cleanups, checkups, backup configuration – whatever you need, we can do it.  Of course if you want to save a little money and bring it in to our store, we can do that too!
  • Your data is our first priority. We promise to do everything we can to protect your data.
  • Spyware, malware and virus removal with tools that remain on your machine so that you can run them and keep your system clean.
  • Thorough scanning and removal of infections and malware takes time. If your machine is infected we do multiple full scans in both safe mode and full mode in every profile. Please be patient…after all, it’s better to fix it right than fix it fast – and have something left behind. We have virtually a 0% return rate with this repair procedure, on par with saving your data and wiping and reloading.
  • We can speed your system up, adjust font sizes to make the image more readable, install new software or devices, instruct on program use…and are happy to take the time to answer your questions.
  • Need to bring your system in, but are afraid that you won’t get it connected properly afterwards? We can either service your machine in your home, or bring it back to you and reconnect and test your PC when we are done.

Backup and Data Recovery

  • If you think you have lost some of your data, come see us immediately – do NOT use your device (PC, laptop, camera, etc) to improve the odds of recovery.
  • We will ask you if you have been backing up – have you???
  • We can recover data from dead PCs and laptops as long as the Hard Drive isn’t defective – and save it for you to use on your new device!
  • Deleted files and reformatted hard drives are more challenging, but still certainly possible.
  • If you had backups, it wouldn’t matter that you deleted those files!
  • Damaged Hard Drives are still potentially recoverable, and for that we have partners in this field that have great success at these more challenging situations.
  • This advanced level of Data Recovery can be expensive – know what is cheaper? Backing up all your data regularly!!!
  • Come see us to talk about how to backup your computer effectively. We think it’s very important – can you tell?