KRACK vulnerability and Fear

How Serious is the KRACK Vulnerability?  Serious enough that I’m glad to be hard wired into my router here at work. If you want to read up about this latest security risk, go here:, or check out my latest post on our facebook page.  But what I want to talk about is all of the ways technology makes us afraid.  I mean, who named this thing KRACK anyway?  It stands for Key Reinstall AttaCK  but the very name conjures twitching toothless addicts living in the streets looking for their next fix.  If that isn’t fear mongering, I don’t know what is. And now Norton and I’m sure the other security software providers are using your trust in them to try and sell you usage of their VPN.  Ok, that might be legitimate, but their are issues with that as a fix – and they don’t tell you that Microsoft and Apple have already patched their Operating Systems for this vulnerability. The problem is that when something serious is found, the heightened level of fear we are all made to subsist at can’t recognize a real threat from something that is only going to impact a vanishingly small subset of the population.  So you either bury your head in the sand and hope it will be OK, or panic and pay for stuff you don’t need.  Neither Hope or Panic is a strategy for success – but contacting your friendly neighbourhood computer store, like 2 of my customers did over the weekend, can bring a little sanity back to your technological life.  Follow us on facebook for a little more of that kind of sanity:



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